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PCC AGM Minutes 20th June 2016

inutes of the Annual General Meeting of Partick Curling Club held in its 174th year at the Club House, Victoria Park Drive North, on Monday 20th June 2016 at 7pm.

Present: David Hamblen, Roger Sturrock, Ronnie MacLellan, Carol Lawrence, Jim Aitchison, Mike Craig, Jim Lyon, Alan McKenzie, Pat Shaw, Bill Meikle, Ron Smith, Bill Docherty, Iain MacVoy, Peter Shill, Mike Craig, Iain Sim, Maureen Sim, Stewart Macnaughton, Richard Day, Robbie Wishart, John Summers, Roy Lauder, Neil Macnair, Billy Simpson.

Apologies: Arthur Allison, Sandy Barrie, Terence Brownrigg, Colin Crawford, Shona Elliot, George Gibb, Geoff Johnston, Gordon and Carol Lyon, Duncan MacColl, Vincent McHugh, May Morris, Heather Parton, David and Pat Paul, Alan Rattray, Robin Robinson, Sandy Robinson, Nick Stratton, Brian and Valerie Veitch.

Approval of the previous minutes: Richard Day, seconded Carol Lawrence.

Matters arising:

  1. A membership subcommittee had been formed.

  2. As recommended, some members had been making payment by BACS.

  3. Ice for the pairs, points and Dan MacFarlane had been booked at bargain rates. The format for the medal competition (the oldest competition of the Club) had been felt to be unsatisfactory. It was run in 2016 as a knockout related to the spring league. Agreed that the place of the medal competition should be looked at again.

  4. The question had been raised of having ladies’ sweaters, also of having fleeces as well as jerseys, but this had not been fully considered. Agreed to form a group to look into this, and to co-opt Maureen Sim on to the group.

  5. Slow play. It had been recommended that a bonus point be awarded to each team if eight ends completed in a match. This had led to more eight-end games, especially in the autumn league. It was agreed that this policy should continue. It was also confirmed that when seven ends have been completed in good time and the game is essentially won and lost, the two skips may agree to play a truncated eighth end.

President’s report: Roy Lauder

Opening Welcome fellow curlers to our AGM. As outgoing President, I will give a short report on progress over my term and then hand on to my fellow committee members for their reports. My focus over the past two years has been to ensure that Partick Curling Club should continue to be a thriving, successful and friendly club.

Thriving Last year as you know the committee, following a vote by the membership, took the decision to address the declining membership and introduced women members to the club. I am glad to say that this has proven to be a very positive step with a number of new members both from wives of current members and new lady members to curling coming from the virtual club system. Culturally it has been a great success and the feedback I have had has been that our friendly club has integrated with the ladies very well.

Whilst this move has gone some way to reversing our membership decline, recruitment remains a top priority for the club. We have a sub-committee which includes Robbie Wishart, Carol Lawrence and myself to come up with and gather in ideas for improving recruitment. However, members should be on the lookout for introducing friends and acquaintances to our club. For example, there is a proposal to have a friends and family open night at the beginning of the season.

Successful A successful club attracts new members and Partick Curling Club has performed well in the province and RCCC competitions over the years. However, we can’t take this for granted and this season there was no silver. The committee view is that improving the standard of our club curling would make it more enjoyable for all members and the fact that coaching is available would make us more attractive to new comers to join as well. Furthermore, we felt that there is a need to develop and sharpen the skills at the performance level of the club so that we can compete and win more at the province level. Both of these coaching initiatives have been designed and are ready for implementation next season. Ronnie will tell us more about these shortly.

Friendly At Partick we rightly pride ourselves on being a friendly, welcoming club. Despite government efforts to curtail socialising after matches we have exhorted you all to continue the tradition of staying on for a drink and a chat with your opposite number, even if it is just an orange juice. It is these chats throughout the season that forge friendships and help so much when asking for help to find a substitute or advise on rules etc.

Your committee has also felt it would be fun to start international tours again. Again fun for the members and attractive to potential recruits. Initial soundings have suggested there would be interest from the members. The Secretary will be giving us more details on this.

It has been an honour and a pleasure to serve you as President for the past 2 years. I wish my successor all the very best and I look forward to the continuing progress of Partick Curling Club as we move to our 175th year.

Secretary’s report: Neil Macnair

July 2015, Membership. 61 Playing members including 5 ladies, 6 Honorary,10 Non Playing

June 2016, membership. 65 Playing members including 8 ladies, 6 Honorary, 9 Non Playing. One resignation, Arthur Croall.

The Bell. Agreed that the Pond should be the venue for 2017.

175th Anniversary Celebrations A number of proposals have been suggested to commemorate the 175th year of the club’s existence:

  1. Margarita International Event at Dumfries October 2017. Partick could enter 4 teams. So far 14 members have expressed interest but that was before it became clear that the event was being held in Dumfries. Entries by October 2016.

  1. Visit to Fuessen (Fussen) Curling Rink in Bavaria. The German team will be in Glasgow in November at the European Championships. Roland Dentsch is the President for the Fuessen Club. I visited the club in May. Best travel is from Edinburgh to Munich and then train to Fussen. Would there be a need to reciprocate? Comments invited. Time of trip to be announced, but end of this year favoured by Fuessen Club. Members to be circulated for preferences regarding A and B.

  1. An excursion round Ailsa Craig on the Paddle Steamer, Waverley, starting at the Science Centre, Glasgow or Greenock. Passengers disembark at Ayr at the end of the trip and a bus returns everyone to their embarkation point. Cost: Approx. £35.

  1. Land on Ailsa Craig from a fishing boat out of Ayr. Numbers limited to 12 and dependent on weather and tides. Costs: £20 round island or £25 to land for 2-3 hours. (Mark McCrindle, 01465 713219 or 0777-3794-358.)

  1. Tour of the Curling Stone factory. Kays of Scotland, 9 Barskimming Road, Mauchline KA5 5AJ. 01290 550256. No charge but would like a Partick badge.15 visitors at a time for approximately 30 minutes. Times: Friday after 1pm during lunch break or after 5pm.


Treasurer’s Report: Roger Sturrock.

Revenue Account and balance Sheet for year ending 30th April 2016 presented. See separate attachment. Approved David Hamblen, seconded Iain Sim.

In relation to the item “Donations” the Teasurer reported that he had received a letter from St Margaret’s Hospice thanking the Club for its generous donation.


Match Secretary’s report: Ronnie MacLellan









Autumn League

Roy Lauder (Convenor)

Copeland Cup

Gordon Lyon (Convenor)

Spring League

Graham Ross (Convenor)


Graham Ross (Convenor)

Opening bonspiel (Dan McFarlane)

David Scott (Skip)

Vintage Christmas bonspiel

Sandy Robinson (Skip)

Jim Gibb Trophy

Colin Crawford (Skip)

The Bell closing bonspiel (The Craig quaich)

Roy Lauder

Vintage – closing bonspiel

Maureen Sim (Skip)

Vintage Player of the year

Iain MacVoy


Roy Lauder


Graham Ross & Robbie Wishart





Braehead Virtual

Mixed teams so no winner


LOST 3_11

Bank of Scot

LOST 2_8


LOST 7_9 / LOST 4_10

Ski Club

WON 6_2 / LOST 1_10

Kelvinside Acad

LOST 0_13

Old Glenalmond

WON 4_3

Curlews (Vintage)

WON 7_5







Allan Cup

Semi-finals : Won 5 / Lost 1 in round-robin

Allan Medal

2nd round

Cuthbert Cup

Won one match, Lost one match

Kirkwood Cup

Won one match, Lost one match

Fraser Pairs

1st round

Province challenge v Glasgow

PCC won our match 12_2,

Dunbartonshire won overall



David Duncan

Won 1 / Lost 5 in round-robin



Rink Championship

1st round

Indoor Grand Match

Peeled match with Greenock Ladies


  • Mixed success in external competitions

Best performances: semi-final of Allan Cup, win in inter-province challenge match v Glasgow. The Brechin and Allcomers Trophy was won by John Summers (skip), a Partick member.

  • 8-end bonus point:

68% achieved over the season, but a decline from 77% to 60%, 1st to 2nd half.

Playing intentions 2016-17

  • Coaching 24 (15 Monday morning, others weekday evenings)

  • Leagues 40

  • Points 28

  • Dan McFarlane 42

  • The bell 48

Fees Charges unchanged. Proforma to membership early July

Trophies From next season the committee, rather than winning skips, will take responsibility for engraving trophies. Carol Lawrence has kindly agreed to take in trophies at her premises Soul Space, 74 Hyndland Road, Glasgow, G12 9UT and deliver them to the engraver.

Raising the level of competitive play At the committee meeting in February, it was agreed that

  • John Summers would deliver coaching sessions early next season on Saturdays aimed at province-level players Match Secretary will contact relevant players and arrange sessions. The President thanked John for this.

  • An early-season Challenge competition would be introduced to identify teams for Province-level competitions Match Secretary will contact membership. It was suggested that this could become the Medal competition.

  • The Match Secretary would look at organizing coaching through Braehead at league level. Done

Ice Master’s report: Peter Shill

Regrettably, no outside curling was possible during the season. However, the club pavilion and pool area continue to be in use notably for meetings of the committee and the Open Doors event.


In September the club once again opened its doors to Open Doors visitors. The combination of tour, illustrated talk, visual attraction, hospitality and child-centred activity attracted over 220 to the two- day event. In return the club gained many friends and, happy to report, a number of new members. In an age where clubs in general are struggling to recruit, this result is highly satisfactory. On a less positive note, the club had, once again to rely on a few of its membership to prepare for Open Doors and man the pavilion/pond over the two days. As a final footnote the ice master is happy to record that the open fire with its brazing wood proved a great success!


The ice master is happy to report that in the face of stiff competition for inclusion, Patrick Curling Club has once again been chosen for inclusion in the 2016 edition of Open Doors. In the run-up to the club’s 175th birthday, the opportunity thus exists to surpass this year’s total of visitors and importantly to improve the pool of potential players.


The club house, a 1902 listed C(S) pavilion, requires significant repairs to its Ballachulish slated roof and roof cavity. Running repairs are no longer deemed appropriate as a full inspection by one of our members, Billy Simpson, has revealed. Having drawn up a specification for re-roofing and some wooden structure replacement to be undertaken, the ice master is awaiting replies from a number of contractors following site visits.


Raising funds to cover the costs of the require work has been briefly discussed by the committee. It is generally agreed that whilst the membership must be asked to financially support such a fund, other sources of funding must also be investigated without delay. These are currently being identified but formal contact awaits details of the size of the fund to be raised. The ice master believes that the appointment of a fund-raising chairperson should be given due consideration.


The ice master is extremely grateful for the time and effort of a small number of members in keeping the club house and associated pond in good order. As a one off this season thanks must be recorded David Paul for the new housing containing the outside tap. The quality of the wood used and construction will probably outlast the life span of this generation of curlers.


Finally, it is humbling to think that the club house and pond featured in1905 photographs of members appear as continuous threads linking generations of our club members.


Billy Simpson reported that he had received two quotations, for £16,000 and for £22,000 and was awaiting a third. With Spanish slates the cost could be reduced to the region of £12,000. The issue of the now expired lease on the land was raised, and whether this would affect the chances of getting grants towards the cost of repair. Agreed that unless an acceptable new lease could be arranged the Club could not consider proceeding to get the work done. Agreed that Iain MacVoy, who had been acting for the Club when the lease expired, should write to the Council referring to previous correspondence. Meantime Peter Shill and Billy Simpson would make an informal approach to the local councillors, stressing the need for a quick resolution.


Vintage Convener’s report: Pat Shaw

The winners of the competitions are listed in the Match Secretary’s report.

2015-16 was a good season for the Vintage Section. Four sheets were filled for the Christmas bonspiel and three rinks for the Final bonspiel and the Jim Gibb trophy competition. Beth Gibb wasn’t able to be present at the event this year, but sent her best wishes.

We have recruited some enthusiastic newcomers in the last couple of years, both men and women, and a number of people have remarked how much they enjoyed the games. Pleasingly, games were played reasonably quickly, with eight ends completed in about 70% of the regular matches.

For the coming season numbers are about the same as last year, and demand is similar, so I’ve ordered the same ice. So far I haven’t heard back from Braehead, but there shouldn’t be any problem in getting the ice.

For the second successive season we played the Curlews in a friendly match. This time we managed to win. I think the Curlews would probably be interested in playing us again next season.



Carol Lawrence reported progress with the BNI (Business Networking International) group. An initial event had proved popular, and the group was keen on setting up a competition amongst themselves.

Carol reported that she has completed her RCCC level 1 coaching certificate.
      There are several small clubs struggling for members who might be interested in affiliating with us, while retaining their identity. Robbie Wishart is looking at the possibility of their entering a team to play in our leagues. Bill Meikle had made contact with Clydesdale Bank Club to see if members might wish to join us as a second club, and thought two women members might join us.

It was suggested that local authority secondary schools be approached to encourage pupils to a come-and-try.




Appointments 2016-17


President: Neil MacNair Proposed: D. Hamblen, seconded: P. Shaw


Vice President: Robbie Wishart Proposed: Neil Macnair, seconded Iain Sim


Treasurer: Roger Sturrock Proposed: Neil Macnair, seconded Maureen Sim


Secretary/Match Secretary: Ronnie MacLellan


Minute Secretary: Pat Shaw


Ice Master: Peter Shill


Vintage Convener: Pat Shaw


Heather Parton has agreed to go on the Committee in place of Bill Meikle, who has served the customary three years. Otherwise Committee membership stays the same, apart from Robbie coming on.



Surety for the Bell


The form was signed by Neil Macnair and Robbie Wishart.





10th Province report: compiled by Gordon Lyon


There was a recent Committee Meeting of Dunbartonshire Province. Gordon Lyon is now Vice President and Neil Cameron is now Junior Vice President, under his Bearsden Hat

The Secretary Roles will be split between Andrew Syme and Gary MacFarlane as replacement for Bill Marshall.

The Draws for the Province Competitions were made and will be circulated to Club Match Secretaries in due course.

Dates and Ice Allocations will be advised later but it is expected that with Braehead ice being used for the Europeans for two weeks in November, ice allocations will be very tight and will include the Xmas/New Year period. This is compounded by the rule that bookings must be 24 hours apart toavoid VAT payments.

The RCCC are due to issue a guideline on VAT after their meeting this week which will be circulated.

We are requested to participate in the Waldie Griffiths Competition next season as we haven't been in it since 2012-13.
The Thompson Trophy will be played again between Glasgow Province and Dunbartonshire on a Saturday in January.

We are not in the Denis Kyd.


175th Anniversary

Covered under Secretary’s report


The following issues were raised and will be discussed in Committee:

    1. The- appropriateness of fines at the Bell dinner, the absence of “sangs and clatter”, and whether full results of the Bell competition should be announced.

    2. BACS has been welcomed and was the preferred method of payment by our Treasurer going forward.

    3. A Curler’s Court, to be done under the old rules.

    4. Standards of attire for next year’s 175th AGM, given that photographs will be taken.