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Congratulations to Roy and his team on victory in the Autumn league.  A hard fault league this year but Roy popped out just 3 points clear of Iain Sim and his team.  Full table is available from the competitions page on the website.

It is also worth mentioning that the bonus point scheme that was introduced last year is bedding in well.  77% of the games played managed to get all eight ends in.  Special note to teams F, E and C which gained the highest bonus points of 9, 8 and 8 respectively.  Lets see if we can keep games moving along in this way during the spring league.

Congratulations to Gordon Lyon and his Team E on a solid victory in the final of the Copeland Cup.  He never looked back after taking a 6 on the third end!

Great game to finish off the Allan Cup round robin section.  Partick were up against a very strong Kelvinside team but with only a few wayward shots we kept ourselves in the game and the pressure on Kelvinside.  Going into the last end we were sitting comfortably with one shot lying against us but with two Partick stones inside the 4 foot circle.  The opposing skip played a perfect angled raise to chip another of his stones right onto the button and get the two he required to tie the game.


Team 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 Total
Partick 1 0 1 1 0 1 0   4
Kelvinside 0 1 0 0 1 0 2   4

That gives Partick a played 6 won 5 peeled 1 record and gets us comfortably into the semi-final which is on Jan 7th.

Early October and a friendly game against Duddingston.  Don't ask about the scoreline but do have a look at the latest photos up in the gallery

Once again Partick Curling Club is active in the Glasgow "Doors Open" event with the clubhouse and curling pond open to the public.  Anyone who would like to have a look at the curling pond are welcome to come along to the club house which is located in Victoria Park, on the corner of Balshagray Ave and Victoria Park Drive North.

Anyone interested in more information or joining Partick Curling club are welcome to get in touch.  Simply send an e-mail to or click Send Mail for more information.

Bad news for the first game of the season.  A defeat 6-3 against Cadder 2 in the opening game of the David Duncan competition.  A good game but made tricky by an injury taking John Hamilton out of the game in the first couple of ends which left us with a three man team.  On keen ice with a 12' swing the lack of an extra sweeper was noticed with quite a few shots just missing their mark by an inch or two.


Ken McCall, a club member and RCCC coach, will be there with other club members to introduce you to the sport of curling and give you some expert advice and practical assistance.

The coaching lasts one hour and is free.


Clean footwear is essential as dirt can be transferred from outside footwear to the ice thus affecting performance. Please bring along clean trainers or other form of footwear.

An overshoe or slider placed over one shoe may be available on the night but this cannot be guaranteed at the moment.


Loose fitting, warm clothing is recommended. Jeans are not recommended.


At the Braehead Curling Rink there is a bar where one can purchase coffee etc.

Curlers usually congregate there about 15 to 20 minutes prior to going on to the ice.  - Ask for Ken McCall or Roy Lauder.  (Anyone in a blue jumper with a Partick Curling Club badge!)

Congratulations to all from Partick playing in the Kirkwood cup.  A couple of great results with Partick A just winning out against Kelvinside 7-6 and Partick B with a solid 13-1 victory against Cardross.   Even though we beat Kelvinside and so are notionally higher on points this competition is decided by shots then ends.  In Kelvinside's other game they had a good victory to put both Partick and KA on the same shots but as Kelvinside had a slightly better ends count they walk away with the silverware this year.

To make up for this Roy and Gordon went out for the Jim Frazer pairs with fire in their blood and made short work of the rest of the teams in the league to come out triumphant!  Initial games against Helensburgh and Duntocher then a tight game against an unbeaten Cardross to setup a final encounter with Alma.  Congratulations to both Roy and Gordon with particular mention to Gordon who read awkward ice perfectly. 

It means Partick will be picking up some trophies in the external competitions this year.

Twas on the 18th Feb that four men stepped onto the ice for a semi-final appearance in the Allan Medal.  The tension was palpable, the crowd enormous (OK Partick league was playing on the two sheets beside us....)  But to cut to the chase it was an incredibly hard fought game with virtually nothing between the two sides but Partick came out victorious with a 6-5 victory.  The final end being particularly exciting with 14 stones in play and KA lying only one shot but with the hammer.  The last shot of the night required the opposition to perform an 8 foot raise to push our second shot out and take a 2 and the game.  Just too hard for the KA man who only just missed to take his own shot out but leave the shooter lying for a one. 

Partick 0 0 1 0 3 0 2 0
Kelvinside 1 X 0 1 0 2 0 1

Next stop revenge on Cadder in the final for the Allan Cup Defeat.

Update - Sadly no grand prize in the Cup.   In a close final Cadder came out triumphant with a 7-4 victory. 

After a thrilling Pairs competition this year's winners are Roy Lauder and Graham Ross. Pairs is a super game and very active - 3 stones each and only 2 ends per game meant that it was fast and furious. There was certainly a bit of fury as distinctly lucky shots were complained about. The TMO never saw a thing!


It was a close competition finishing 4-1 for Graham and Roy. Quite a marathon starting at 5.30 and finishing at 9.30 so only the fit were left standing. All the more astonishing then that the winners were Roy who is still recovering from a broken ankle and Graham is a bit over 55 lasted the pace!     

We recommend that you get your name in for next year.


Roy Lauder & Graham Ross - Pairs champions 2014-2015