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Congratulations to Gordon's rink, represented by Gordon, David, Roger and Jim on thier victory in the Copeland cup.  Could not be a closer game with Gordon's team converting a one shot deficit to a one shot lead in the final end following a measure to decide if they had been successful.


After a slightly sad competition report for the Allan Cup we have faired better in the Rink Championship competition with a final win against Cathcart Castle.  Sadly still not quite enough to see us progress in the competion with two wins and two losses we have ended up in third place.   

Doing well in the David Duncan thus far with two wins and a peel - Maybe this will be where Partick can cover ourselves in glory?


In the winter league it is fairly close at the top but Gordon Lyon's team has opened up a small gap of 3 points in front of Roy's, but Roy does have a game in hand. 

Not a great run for us in the Allan Cup this year.  Played 5, won 1, lost 4.  Even in the last game against Glasgow Academicals we were in a strong position with a score line of 6-1 after the 5th end and then managed to proceed to lose a 4 then a 2 in the last two ends.  Duh!  

Doing better in the David Duncan but not much to boast about in the Rink Championship.  Maybe the spring will see Partick fire on all cylinders again.  Full results are available from the competitions pages.

Following the success that Partick had in reaching the finals of the David Duncan competition last season we were invited to represent Breahead in the Superleague finals in Forfar over the weekend of 28/29 Oct 2017.  A top quality event with many players who have represented Scotland in international competitions as our enemy.  Cool


Our team performed well but did not progress into the knockout stages having had three close games with two of them going the wrong way.  Our first match was against the Borders who led throughout the game but we were in touch all the way, finishing with a 7-4 loss.  The second game was against a local Forfar team and Partick won the last 4 ends to earn the victory 6-5.  The final game against the Peak (Stirling) swung both ways but ended up 7-7 going into the last end where the hammer advantage meant the game ended up 9-7.

Hard to believe but curling this season is well underway with the first two competions already completed.  Congratulations to David Scott on a well deserved vistory in the points competition and to John Summers/Anne Smillie/Pat Shaw on their victory in the opening bonspeil - The Dan McFarlane.

Link to see their victorious faces can be followed in the gallery.

The 175th Annual General Meeting of Partick Curling Club will be held on Thursday 18 May 2017 at 7.00 p.m. at The Clubhouse


  1. Sederunt / Apologies
  2. Approval of Minutes dated Monday 20th June 2016
  3. Matters Arising
  4. President’s Report 
  5. Treasurer’s Report
    Approval of Revenue Account and Balance Sheet for year ending 30
    th April 2017
  6. Secretary / Match Secretary’s Report
  7. Vintage Convenor’s Report
  8. Clubhouse
  9. Recruitment
  10. 175th Anniversary
  11. Appointments 2017-18
  12. Surety for The Bell
  13. A.O. C. B.

Apologies for the delay but I have finally updated all the competition results from the season 2016-2017.  A great year for the competitions, internally the leagues being hard fought and some success in the Province and Braehead competitions with the final victory  in the Jim Fraser Pairs where John Summers and Roy Lauder proved to be unbeatable!

I have also added in another page in the gallery to capture some of the Bell fun that was had on the 25th March.  A great Bell competition and dinner in the Pond Hotel after.


You can also watch a short video of our illustrious president showing off the clubhouse in Victoria Park.

Congratulations to Team Rattray who had a storming completion to the season with 3 wins and 3 bonus points to just pip Team Lyon. 

Congratulations to the victors on a couple of the Partick Competitions. Copeland cup decided for 2016.


Copeland Cup winners 2016

And of course the Vintage Christmas Bonspeil.

Vintage Christmas Bonspeil



We do not have a 'rule book' as such and anyone wishing to know how the game should be played should consult the RCCC rulebook ( the first paragraph of which includes the statement


While the main object of the game of curling is to determine the relative skill of the players, the spirit of curling demands good sportsmanship, kindly feeling and honourable conduct. This spirit should influence both the interpretation and the application of the rules of the game and also the conduct of all participants on and off the ice


However, the following may be helpful in certain circumstances


Bonus Point for eight ends

A bonus point will be awarded to both teams if a scorecard is submitted showing a shot or shots scored in the 8th end. Normally, this will mean that the 8th end will be completed. However, when one team is so far ahead after 7 ends that the skips agree to shake hands, one stone should be thrown by one member of each team nominated by the skip and the winner awarded the score of ‘1’ for the 8th end.

Measuring the position of the first stone and then removing it is unnecessary. A player not involved in throwing the stones could be delegated to move and replace the first stone if there is any risk of it being moved by the second stone.


Substitute eligibility

  • A player brought in to substitute in a league team from another league team may play at 1(Lead) or 2 only. If the substitute is on the reserve list, (s)he may play in any position.

  • No substitutes are allowed who are not members of PCC.


Payment by substitutes

  • Where a player is brought in as substitute, (s)he generally pays for the ice at the full rate for that session. However, it is acceptable for the original player to pay for the ice instead. In any case, the convenor should be informed what arrangement has been made.

  • If no substitute can be found, the player who was originally due to play pays for the ice.

  • It is the responsibility of team convenors to reconcile payments at the end of the League, Copeland or Medal competitions with details of how much is owed or due. The Treasurer should be copied into these messages so that any necessary refunds can be made.


Late and non-arrival for matches

  • If, at the start of a match, a team has only three players, the game should begin but the non-offending team will receive one (1) shot for every five minutes that their opponents are one player short up to a maximum of four (4) shots.

  • If a team appears with only two players, the match should not begin until a third player is present. The non-offending team will be awarded one (1) shot for every five minutes their opposition is incomplete. If, at the end of 20 minutes, there are only two players present, the non-offending team will be awarded the match plus six (6) ends and six (6) shots (and the bonus point for 8 ends)

  • Penalty shots should be recorded as such on the scorecard.

  • If there are only two players in each team, neither will receive any points and the match will be null and void. However, the remaining players may decide to play a friendly.

  • Players arriving after the match has started may play in Lead or 2nd position only.