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Congratulations to the victors on a couple of the Partick Competitions. Copeland cup decided for 2016.


Copeland Cup winners 2016

And of course the Vintage Christmas Bonspeil.

Vintage Christmas Bonspeil



We do not have a 'rule book' as such and anyone wishing to know how the game should be played should consult the RCCC rulebook ( the first paragraph of which includes the statement


While the main object of the game of curling is to determine the relative skill of the players, the spirit of curling demands good sportsmanship, kindly feeling and honourable conduct. This spirit should influence both the interpretation and the application of the rules of the game and also the conduct of all participants on and off the ice


However, the following may be helpful in certain circumstances


Bonus Point for eight ends

A bonus point will be awarded to both teams if a scorecard is submitted showing a shot or shots scored in the 8th end. Normally, this will mean that the 8th end will be completed. However, when one team is so far ahead after 7 ends that the skips agree to shake hands, one stone should be thrown by one member of each team nominated by the skip and the winner awarded the score of ‘1’ for the 8th end.

Measuring the position of the first stone and then removing it is unnecessary. A player not involved in throwing the stones could be delegated to move and replace the first stone if there is any risk of it being moved by the second stone.


Substitute eligibility

  • A player brought in to substitute in a league team from another league team may play at 1(Lead) or 2 only. If the substitute is on the reserve list, (s)he may play in any position.

  • No substitutes are allowed who are not members of PCC.


Payment by substitutes

  • Where a player is brought in as substitute, (s)he generally pays for the ice at the full rate for that session. However, it is acceptable for the original player to pay for the ice instead. In any case, the convenor should be informed what arrangement has been made.

  • If no substitute can be found, the player who was originally due to play pays for the ice.

  • It is the responsibility of team convenors to reconcile payments at the end of the League, Copeland or Medal competitions with details of how much is owed or due. The Treasurer should be copied into these messages so that any necessary refunds can be made.


Late and non-arrival for matches

  • If, at the start of a match, a team has only three players, the game should begin but the non-offending team will receive one (1) shot for every five minutes that their opponents are one player short up to a maximum of four (4) shots.

  • If a team appears with only two players, the match should not begin until a third player is present. The non-offending team will be awarded one (1) shot for every five minutes their opposition is incomplete. If, at the end of 20 minutes, there are only two players present, the non-offending team will be awarded the match plus six (6) ends and six (6) shots (and the bonus point for 8 ends)

  • Penalty shots should be recorded as such on the scorecard.

  • If there are only two players in each team, neither will receive any points and the match will be null and void. However, the remaining players may decide to play a friendly.

  • Players arriving after the match has started may play in Lead or 2nd position only.



Congratulations to David, Alasdair, Jim and Brian on their victory in the Dan McFarlane.


The squad grafted out a come from behind 8-7 win in the Club's Allen Cup opener. The team had discussed beforehand playing for the corners on hammer & for the button without. It became obvious from the outset that Helensburgh were going to play a v aggressive game (no take outs attempted).

The ice was moderately swingy but not as impossibly swingy as last week. Having lost the toss, the team went 1 down in the 1st end when a shot to nothing double take out just failed to land. We also lost a 1 in the 2nd end as the opposition skip laid a brilliant freeze. Ones would be made in ends 3 & 4 before another perfect opposition skip's last stone made a 2 in the 5th.

4 -2 down, we stuck with our corner attach in the 6th. A promising position (lying 5) seemed to have been nullified as the Helensburgh skip almost played the perfect freeze. However the team brilliantly swept a strike weight take out to nick out the rogue stone leaving 5 Partick counters. This time there would be no repeat as their 2nd skips stone came up short. A simple draw up the other side made us a game changing 6. It was obvious that the slow opposition play up to this point was only going to allow 7 ends so it was time to hit for home leaving Helensburgh no chance of winning the match.

Good awareness of the game plan throughout &  cool play under pressure were keys in turning this one around. Well done team!
Game ends: Hammer Defence: 2/3, Stolen Ends 1/4

v Cardross (Skip : John Summers) Lost 6-9

We had agreed there was a need to play aggressively with the hammer given the shots up nature of the comp.

1st end went well despite skips 1st stone missing the target on a strike take out (v swingy ice).

Cardross adopted an aggressive policy throughout. They got away with this because it was such difficult ice to make take outs. I probably should have just accepted this & lived with a cluttered house!

Another thing I forgot to do as skip was detail someone to time the game. This proved crucial as we were lying very handy in the 7th end but didn't know when the bell was coming. We could easily have slowed it enough to win the match there & then. Instead we played the 8th end without hammer & never had a look in after 3rds stones. Lesson learned!

Understanding one another's roles is a key to better team performance.

Communication of weight by numbers was happening early on (sweepers to skip) but less so as the match went on - concentration? Skip couldn't get out of the habit of shouting 'come on' for 'sweep' which was not understood by the team who of course were listening for 'sweep'!! 2nd lesson learned!

Overall, I think a need to review tactics v this sort of team. Jim drew our 1st stones beautifully to the wings but we never really got the benefit of them. Skip should have varied the tactics more & played 'control zones' for some ends which would have better countered their simple drawing game. 3rd lesson learned!


Score line 4 (2) (2) (1) (1) 1 1 (3)

Hammer defence 2/5

Stolen ends 1/3


A match that could easily have been won. Some positives to take from it & lessons to be learned. Signs that some players are ready to step up to a higher level.



v Bearsden (Skip : Roy Lauder) Peeled 9-9

A good game heavily dominated by Summer School strategy. We had a game plan and worked hard to execute it. Unfortunately rule 1: win 1st and last ends we failed losing a 3 amd then a 2. We played a clean end strategy as far as possible with the hammer.

The opposition played a classic game to win each end and draw everything, v. aggresive. We tried to clear them out.



(3), 1, 4, (2), 4, (2), (2).

We lost the hammer on 1st and 7th end. Losing a 3 at the 1st was down to poor skip stones and getting used to ice so missed a few take outs. Losing a 2 on the 6th was a wee bit annoying as we were manufacturing to lose a 1. However losing the 2 on the 7th was largely down to comunications as the skip stone was swept when actually sweepers called off but didnt hear.

The big 4s at the 3rd and 5th ends were aggresive play in the 3rd and then more aggresive play in 5th as the opposition kept drawing in and we took them out and lay guarded.

Lessons - sweepers struggled to gauge the pace of the stone and coms poor to head. Coms between thrower and sweeps good. Sweepers must be able to hear and be heard as well as head.

Rink all understood clean house tactics and aggresive and worked quite well.

Ought have won the game. Suspect 6th end was wrong strategy to play clean at 9-5 up.

Really had to think a lot more out there. Really enjoyed it. Take out game a challenge but all did really well on fast swingy ice.


First results and silverware of the season claimed.  In external competition, the David Duncan, Partick have had a good victory 9-2 over Cathcart Castle.  Internally Stewart MacNaughton claimed the points trophy.

Pictures of the points are available in the gallery.

PCC Bonspiels (for your diary)
Dan McFarlane  Thursday 6 October  7.50
The Bell               Friday 24 March     5.30
Lots of info on the Braehead website (
Braehead opens on Monday 29th August
Free practice ice is available 4.30 - 5.30 pm Monday to Friday without booking.  Ice may be available at £6.00 per hour at other times (booking required (01418854611 Option 3 then 1)


Curl, Coffee & Cake at Braehead

Wednesday 7th September at 10.00am (Cost £5)

Braehead welcomes in the new season.  No need to book - simply come along and names will be drawn to make teams.   After curling sit down and enjoy a coffee and cake.

Sessions at Braehead for new or returning curlers
Below is information about two opportunities to introduce new or returning curlers to the game. If you know of anyone who might be interested, send their contact details (e-mail address preferred) to Ronnie and he will make the necessary arrangements with Braehead.
(Note that the 'Taster' sessions' are next week)
Taster sessions
1-hour sessions
Mon 29th August at 6pm and 7pm
Tue 30th  August at 6pm and 7pm
Wed 31st  August at 6pm and 7pm
The sessions cost £5
 'Try Curling sessions'

1-hour sessions

Friday 16 September 5:15pm and 6:15pm  

Saturday 17 September 9:45am and 10:45am


Sunday 18 September   12:00pm and 1:00pm

These sessions are free



European Curling Championships

Braehead 19-26 November

More info on Braehead website (under "News"), the RCCC website (under "Competitions") and at World Curling Federation website ( is closed for normal curling from 14th to 27th November to accommodate practice and the competition itself.



The conclusion for the Partick Curling Club is always with the Partick Bell bonspeil followed by the dinner  and prize giving and another fine night was had by all.  See the gallery for photos of the evening.

That's thet spring league come to a conclusion and it could not be much closer with three teams all tied on points.  Check out the competitions page for the final standings in the competition. 

A few competitions completed now and there has been some prize giving at the events.   Have a look at the gallery for the mug shots of the clubs best curlers!    Also the  Spring league is well underway now with Rattray topping the table but only just ahead of the pack so the prize is still anyboties to claim.  Have a look at the competitions page to see the full table.