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Once again Partick Curling Club is active in the Glasgow "Doors Open" event with the clubhouse and curling pond open to the public.  Anyone who would like to have a look at the curling pond are welcome to come along to the club house which is located in Victoria Park, on the corner of Balshagray Ave and Victoria Park Drive North.

Anyone interested in more information or joining Partick Curling club are welcome to get in touch.  Simply send an e-mail to or click Send Mail for more information.

Bad news for the first game of the season.  A defeat 6-3 against Cadder 2 in the opening game of the David Duncan competition.  A good game but made tricky by an injury taking John Hamilton out of the game in the first couple of ends which left us with a three man team.  On keen ice with a 12' swing the lack of an extra sweeper was noticed with quite a few shots just missing their mark by an inch or two.